10 Places to Clean Before You List Your House


Even if you keep a generally clean home, your house should be spotless when it’s on the market. Potential buyers will notice clutter, dirt and smells that you might not notice, simply because you’re used to seeing and smelling them.

Lewis Kirk Real Estate Blog Realtors Selling Charlotte Clean Before You ListBesides cleaning the obvious, take the time before you list your home to scrub those areas that you might neglect in your regular cleaning or only get to during your annual ‘Spring Cleaning’ binge. We’ve created a list to get you started.

1. Refrigerator

Take the time to clean your refrigerator, both inside and out. Pack away the extra platters on top of the fridge and clear those dust bunnies and fingerprints away. Then, scrub down the shelves and bins with soapy water to eliminate lingering odors from last week’s leftovers.

2. Stove

Pull the burner grates off your stove and soak them in soapy water or the dishwasher (if they are dishwasher safe). Clean up food spills and messes to ensure your stove looks clean and ready for potential buyers to use.

3. Oven

Yes, potential buyers will open your oven. Part of what they are buying in your home is your appliances. They will take a peek at the inside of your oven, so make sure it’s clean.

4. Sinks

Clean every sink - kitchen and all bathrooms - before you list your house and before every open house and showing.

5. Cabinets and Drawers

Wash the insides and outsides of every cabinet throughout the house and the base of every drawer. Like the appliances, potential buyers will open cabinets and drawers to find out how much storage space is available in your house. As you are packing things away, this task will become easier to maintain for showings and open houses.

6. Faucets and Showerheads

Do a thorough cleaning of your faucets and showerheads, especially if you live in an area with hard water. Your potential buyers might turn on the faucet during a showing, so it’s best if they see strong water pressure and a steady spray.

7. Ceiling Fans

Dust the tops of the blades of your ceiling fans before you list your house. This a common spot for dust to gather that’s often missed in regular cleaning.

8. Windows

Clean both the inside and outside of your windows, including the frames and window sills. Your potential buyers should be able to enjoy the view out your windows and should see no traces of dirt in the frames or dust on the sills during their visit.

9. Baseboards

Dust and wash your baseboards, and consider painting them if they don’t come completely clean.

10. Piles

Do you create piles on the corner of your kitchen counter? Clear them out. Put a bin in place to collect those things while your house is on the market.

Now that you’ve cleaned before you list, it’s important to maintain that level of cleanliness while you house is up for sale. Your house should look its best for every showing. It only takes one!

Enjoy the Adventure!