20 Tips to Get Organized in 2020

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The new year is a great time to get organized, whether you’re in a new home, planning to sell, or staying put for a little while. Once you’ve put away your holiday decorations, use the momentum of a clean house to keep going with your organizing and get a jump start on your spring cleaning. We’ve got 20 tips that will help get you organized now and you can even bring them with you to a new house if you do decide move this Spring.

1) Work room by room. Start in the rooms that get the most use, like your kitchen, family room, and main floor bathroom. Once these rooms are clean and organized, you’ll feel motivated to keep going or feel accomplished and take a break. Either way, the main areas will be in good shape.

2) Clean off your kitchen counters. Even if you’re not staging your home to sell, keeping tons of appliances on your kitchen countertops makes them look and feel cluttered. Put away the appliances that you don’t use every day to make more space for the ones that you do.

3) Add pullout shelves to your kitchen cabinets or pantry. If you find yourself lacking space in the kitchen, add a hanging storage unit to the back of the pantry door or a few pullout shelves to your lower cabinets.

4) Add drawers to your bathroom cabinets. Use the empty space at the top of your bathroom cabinets with pullout drawers or shelves that fill the whole cabinet instead of just the bottom section.

5) Use a shower caddy. A shower caddy will make it easy to both store your toiletries and take them out of the shower when it’s time to clean.

6) Add bins to your front or garage entryway. If your foyer or kitchen hallway are a popular place for your kids to dump their belongings, add a bin for each member of your family to store their shoes, plus a hook for each person’s coat and/or backpack.

7) Re-use what you already have. Look around your house for bins and baskets that aren’t being used to their potential. Consolidate the items and steal those baskets for another space.

8) Label your bins. If you have good storage available already, take the time to write names or labels so they get used properly.

9) Use clear bins for storage. Storing your items out of the way in clear bins will allow you to see what you’re storing without pulling them off the shelf.

10) Add shelves to unused walls. The walls of your laundry room are an excellent place to add a shelf or two to catch the items that might gather in hall or dining room corner.

11) Clear your desk. Even if you don’t want to get rid of everything on your desk, put it all in a drawer. A clean work surface might inspire you to do some of your best work this year.

12) Use shelf dividers or baskets in linen closets. Adding shelf dividers to your linen closets will help keep towels stacked neatly and keep them from taking over the whole closet.

13) Put like items together. Stash all of your cleaning supplies in a single closet. Create a space on a single shelf in the pantry for all of your pasta.

14) Eliminate duplicates. Now that all of your like items are together, it’s easy to spot duplicates. Pour what’s left of your three mostly empty Windex bottles into a single bottle to free up space in the cabinet.

15) Clean out your junk drawer. Toss old receipts and take-out menus from restaurants that you didn’t like very much.

16) Purge your unused small appliances. If you hate your InstantPot, let it go! Not every appliance is for everyone. Give that InstantPot to a friend who wants one. She might love it and make you dinner.

17) Donate old coats and clothes. If you’re still hanging onto maternity clothes with no plans for more kids, donate those items to someone who could really use them and give them a second life.

18) Create a Command Center in a central location. Add a calendar, whiteboard, and pinboard to a wall where you can tack important notes and keep yourself and your family organized.

19) Create a Charging Center. Create a space where everyone in your family can put their phones at the end of the day. This will have the added benefit of getting your kids’ phones out of their hands at night.

20) Start a journal. Write your plans and goals for the year and track your progress toward those goals. Get inspired to carry newfound organization with you in the rest of your spaces.

Enjoy the Adventure!