3 Benefits of Selling Your Home Before Spring


Homes sell in every season, particularly in markets like Charlotte, where buyers are relocating for job opportunities and warmer weather at this time of year. If your home is properly staged and ready to sell, you can take advantage of the buyers that are available and looking for a house like yours. Because the market in the “off-season” is smaller, it offers unique benefits to sellers.

1) Buyers are serious. If you’re selling early in the year, you are more likely to get serious buyers because serious buyers are the only ones looking at houses. This time of year, you will likely have fewer showings than if you sold in Spring, but each of the showings will matter. You won’t have to waste your time cleaning for people who are just looking or not sure if they’re ready to make a move.

2) Inventory is low. There are not a lot of homes available at this time of year. Moving during and immediately after the holidays can be difficult and sellers generally prefer to sell their homes at a time when more buyers are available. If you decide to sell your home at a time when there isn’t as much competition, your home is more likely to stand out, especially if it’s in great shape. We’ll help with the staging and ensure your home is ready to show!

3) Sales move quickly. This is a slow time for mortgage companies, appraisers, inspectors, and attorneys. If you need or want a quick closing date, now is the time to ask. Your buyers will be able to get appointments quickly and easily if you sell your home before the Spring Real Estate rush hits and everyone’s calendar fills up.

And a Bonus: You can make your home look and feel cozy! Help buyers see themselves living in your home in all seasons and highlight the benefits of being in your home during the cooler months. Turn the fireplace on before showings and put some cinnamon oatmeal cookies in the oven. Put a warm and fuzzy blanket on your couch that really invites people to come in and sit down. Make your buyers feel truly at home so they can see themselves living there and celebrating the holidays with their own family.

No matter what time of year you are selling, make sure your home is truly market ready. Take the time to clean up the walls, patch holes from your pictures, paint, and stage your house. The time and effort you put into prepping your home before you list will help ensure that your home sells faster and for a better prices. 

We offer staging services at no charge and we’re here to help and advise you about what buyers are looking for in a home right now.

Enjoy the Adventure!