5 Things to Toss Before You Sell Your House


If you are thinking about listing your house for sale this spring, now is a great time to kick your spring cleaning into high gear. You’re already moving through your home to clear out the clutter and freshen up. Use this time to make the most of your spring cleaning this year and take every opportunity to eliminate the things that you don’t want to move with you to your new house. A clean, decluttered home will sell faster and for a better price than a messy home. 

Broken Items - Broken items are the first things that need to go, especially anything that has been broken for a few months. Chances are, if something has been broken for longer than six months and you haven’t taken the time to fix it already, it’s not getting fixed at all. If someone else might be able to fix your broken item, donate it. If not, it’s time to throw that away.

Clothes that Do Not Fit - Clothes that do not fit have no place in your closet. It's simple enough to get rid of your kids' clothes, but go through your own as well. Even if you do not want to try on every item, you can safely donate the items that haven’t fit in two years or more. If you lose or gain a lot of weight, you might prefer to buy new clothes than wear the things taking up valuable space in your closet right now.

Old Papers - Papers often gather on the corner of the kitchen counter quickly and make the space look smaller than it should. Other than important financial and warranty documents, you probably do not need to keep all of your old mail and paperwork. Borrow a shredder if you do not have one and sit in front of your favorite TV show one night with your old receipts and bills that need to go. Once you’re done with the shredding, organize the papers that remain in a folder to keep them off the counter.

Stale Crackers - Empty the contents of your pantry and look at the expiration date on every time. Toss anything that is expired. Do the same with the side doors of your refrigerator and freezer. Ideally, you should be doing this during your spring cleaning every year, but sometimes the crackers in the back of the cabinet get overlooked.

Gifts that Do Not Give - Sometimes we hold onto something simply because it was a gift. If it’s still in the box in a corner of your closet after two years, it might be time to regift the scarf from your Mother In Law. Remember the thought behind the gift, but let that item go so it doesn’t take up valuable real estate in your moving truck.


The best time to get rid of anything in your home is the day it stops working for you. Don’t move your belongings from house to house, simply because you already own them. Use your regular spring cleaning and your move this year as a springboard to get rid of those extra items throughout your house that you no longer need to carry with you.

If you wouldn’t buy it again right now, it should probably go.

Enjoy the adventure!