Create a Wish List When You Buy a New Home

Real Estate

When you are buying a new home, it’s helpful to think about what is most important to you before you start looking at houses. You can create a basic wish list to capture some of the ‘needs’ v. the ‘wants’ for your new home.

We’ve created a helpful home buyer checklist that you can use to help you determine what you value most in a new home. You can download and print our list to use in your home search.

Our home buyer checklist is a simple tool that can help get you started on your wish list before you start looking at homes. You can bring your completed list when you discuss your needs with your Realtor. Talking about your wish list with your Realtor will help her determine which houses you should see first. It will also help her rule out the houses that do not meet your criteria.

Once you start looking at houses and see how far your budget goes, you might decide that your needs are slightly different or that you’re willing to compromise on certain elements. You can go back to your wish list to determine what is truly a ‘must have’ and what you can move to the ‘nice to have’ list.

You may look at a lot of homes during your search before you find the perfect fit for your family. It might help you remember the details of each house if you make notes while you’re looking through the home or just after you leave. Which of your ‘must have’ items does the house have? Which of your ‘nice to have’ items does the home have? Are there ‘must have’ items that you’re willing to overlook for this specific location or house? If you make notes about each home during your search, you can refer back to all of the information to make your selection as objective as possible.

Buying a new home is exciting, but it can be a little overwhelming to look at many homes in a short period of time. If you start your search with a clear checklist of the amenities that your family needs and wants in a home and in a community, you can manage the process and keep your priorities in focus. Buying your new home should be fun and rewarding. 

Enjoy the adventure!

 LK Blog Home Buyer Checklist 10-31-16