Create Great Curb Appeal for Your Home

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Whether you are buying or selling a home, autumn is a great time to make changes to the exterior of your home. Many of your trees and bushes slow down growth this time of year, making it an ideal time to trim back the over growth. Fall is also a great time to remove any plants or bushes that failed to thrive during the growing season. You can do a quick survey of your trees and shrubs to determine whether they are healthy and treat any diseases or bugs that might have come along this year. For example, fall is a good time to band your trees for cankerworms (also called inchworms).

There’s a great database that will help you identify things like pests, scale, and other tree diseases at If you cannot identify something or decide to hire a professional to look at your trees, find a local expert who specializes in plants that are native to your area. These pros can be a valuable resource if you need advice for treating your current plants and provide great recommendations if you need a replacement.

If you need to replace something in your yard, fall is a fantastic time to plant many varieties of trees and bushes. It’s also a great time to plant any flowers with bulbs that bloom in spring. When you plan out changes to your landscaping, be sure to use the plant varieties that thrive in your zone. There are many several different varieties of the same tree that will grow in slightly different regions. For example, if you have your heart set on a front yard palm tree in Charlotte, a Windmill Palm is good option, but a Palmetto Palm isn’t hardy enough to handle our winter weather. Here in Charlotte, we are in zone 7B. You can find more info about planting zones at

If your landscaping already looks great, but your house still needs something more, you can paint or replace your front door or your shutters. A fresh coat of paint or a new door will make a great first impression with buyers or with your guests. Choose a color that works with the exterior of your home and that will help your house stand out in a great way. You can get some great ideas from home decor magazines, both online and off (

Have fun with your outdoor decor. Plant flowers that smell great and paint your door a great, welcoming color. When you make the exterior of your home inviting, buyers (and guests) will feel at home from the moment they drive up to the house.

Enjoy the adventure!