Does Every House Need Staging?

Real Estate

When we talk to our clients about staging, sometimes they wonder whether it is worth the time and effort. Some wonder if it will actually help sell their house, even if it’s not a luxury home. Luxury homes certainly benefit from staging, but we see incredible value in staging for homes at every price point. In fact, at Lewis & Kirk, we find staging each home so valuable to the sale of a house that we offer it as a free service for every house we list.

Staging your house makes it ready for potential buyers. Chances are, your house currently reflects your personal tastes and preferences. Your stager will help you determine what to declutter and how to depersonalize your house to help you appeal to more potential buyers when they walk through the front door. Home stagers are professionally trained interior designers who are able to create neutral spaces within any home that appeal to larger audiences. They also know to how and where to move furniture in a way that shows off the home’s size and highlights the details that a buyer is hoping to find in a new house. If necessary, they will help you choose paint colors or loan you rugs and lamps. A professional stager will often come into your house and make small changes that will help you attract more buyers.

Not only does staging help luxury homes sell faster, it also helps every home sell faster. A staged home typically sells about 73% faster than a house that hasn’t been staged, according to Less time on the market means you’ll have fewer weekends filled with cleaning for Open Houses and showings and more time to spend searching for your own new home.

A 2015 report from the National Association of Realtors indicates that for every dollar invested in staging, the potential return is $4 and that staged home sell for up to 17% more than homes that are not staged. Luckily, our staging services are free, so the return is infinite. Give yourself every opportunity to sell your home as quickly as possible for the best possible price. List with Lewis & Kirk and take advantage of our free staging services.

Enjoy the Adventure!