Help Your House Stand Out in the Market


The housing market is ever-changing. With interest rates rising, buyers can afford less on the list price of a home. This means different things to the houses at each price point on the market, but in most cases, it means that buyers are forced to choose whether to upgrade now at a slightly higher monthly cost, settle for slightly less in their move, or continue to live in their current home. The right choice is different for each family, but if you’re selling a house that buyers would likely move into as a “Move-up” choice, you might have fewer buyers now than you did when interest rates were at record lows.

No matter how many potential buyers are out there looking for your home, you can help your house stand out to help it sell faster and for a great price.

Start with a great first impression. Pay attention to the curb appeal of your home. Walk across the street and look at the front of your house from the sidewalk. How do your plants look? Are your bushes overgrown? Trim them. Hire someone to take care of the lawn if it’s overwhelming for you. If your house needs to be power washed, now is the perfect time to do that, too. Make sure your yard is in great shape before the first buyer even drives up to your house.

Move the furniture. Chances are, your furniture and personal items are placed around your house in a way that works for your family. That may not be the best layout to maximize the space or how a potential buyer would use the rooms. If you’re open to some changes, we’ll provide staging that will help more buyers see themselves in your house.

Clean your house like you have never cleaned before. Scrub the baseboards, wash the ceiling fans, outlet covers, drapery, everything. If you walk by something that has even a tiny spot of dirt, clean it up. Buyers will appreciate the details of your home more if they can actually see them.

Leave a lasting impression. Give your house a walk-through as though you were a potential buyer. What did you see and love in the house the first time you saw it? Is that still on display for a new buyer? Are there other great features that you can show off by making small adjustments? Some inexpensive under-cabinet lighting might really show off the backsplash that you replaced and brighten up your kitchen.

A great Realtor can help you figure out which small, inexpensive changes are worth making to help sell your house. We’d be happy to help you maximize your sale during our consultations and throughout the selling process.

Enjoy the adventure!