KonMari Light - Tidying Up for Real Life

Home Improvement

You may have heard of the KonMari Method and Marie Kondo’s very popular book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

The KonMari Method is a fairly strict process with a very methodical formula. Even if you’re not be ready to let everything go, you can use KonMari as a guide to help you make some decisions about how use your new space and decorate your new home.


A quick overview of the KonMari Method (https://konmari.com/):

Everything in your home, closet, space, etc should bring you joy. If you touch something and do not love it, let it go.

Organize your closet and fold your clothes in such a way that you can find things easily and see what you have available while minimizing the potential for wrinkles.


If you’re moving into a new house, now is the perfect time to determine how to decorate and what to keep around. As you were packing up your old house, you probably purged some things you didn’t want to move, but you may find even more that just don’t fit your new space. Take the opportunity to go through your personal items as you’re unpacking and decide what you want to donate or toss.

As you are unpacking your boxes, you will likely have to touch every item anyway. When you’re holding each item, think about where that candle holder or towel should go in your new house. If you find out a spot right away, put that item in it’s place! Hopefully, most of your items fall into this category.

If you can’t think of a spot for your cast iron bottle opener right away, put it aside or back in the box. Once you’ve unpacked everything, go back to those items that didn’t have an immediate place in your new home. Pick up each item again. Can you find a spot now that some of the other items are unpacked and organized? If so, great! Put it away. If not, consider donating or tossing that item if it just doesn’t have a place in your new house. If you can’t part with something right away, pack it back into a box. You can put a box or two of those items into your new attic, garage, or basement. Don’t forget about those items, though. When you’re in the attic grabbing holiday decorations, open that box again to see if maybe there’s a place for something after all.


Speaking of holiday decorations…

You can definitely implement this same method with your holiday decorations. When you take out your fall decor, try to find a place for each item in your house or yard right away. If those scarecrows don’t have a place in your home anymore, it’s time to give them a second life at a new house. If you have some things that cannot be put up this year, but might be used again next year, consolidate those into a single box if possible. Open that box last next year. If you still feel like you don’t need those items to compete your holiday decor, go ahead and get rid of them. 


Enjoy the Adventure!