Living in Your Listing


Selling your home can be a lengthy, overwhelming, and very rewarding process. The process can be even more complex when you are still living in your home while it is on the market. However, if you take good care of your home and prepare for each showing, it is likely to sell faster if it is occupied than vacant. 

We have a few tips to help you live in your listing and get the most from your home.


Pack and Declutter. Get rid of the things that you don’t need in your home before it goes on the market. Pack away collections, sports memorabilia, religious and taste specific items. Get rid of the small appliances that clutter your counters. If you do not use it every day, pack it away for the new house.

Put together a ‘Go Bag’ of personal items. Potential buyers WILL open your drawers. Some potential buyers will snoop through your medicine cabinets, too. Especially during an open house. Put your passports, jewelry, prescriptions, and anything you don’t want potential buyers to find in a bag that you take with you when you leave the house for every showing.

Create a checklist for yourself. Before every showing and open house, you’ll have a list of things that need to be done in each room of your home. Turn on the lights, make the beds, wipe the sinks, etc. Go through your checklist before every single showing to ensure that every potential buyer gets the best possible experience at your home.

Get rid of odors. Don’t cook overly pungent foods when there is a potential that someone will look at your home. If you MUST make something with a strong smell, do it on a Tuesday when your home is least likely to have a showing.

Leave no evidence of pets. Put your pet food and dishes away. Give your dog a bath and wash his/her bedding frequently to prevent pet odors from lingering in your home.

Make a list of places to go. If your home has frequent showings, you’ll need a lot of places to visit. If you have children and pets, find local parks and pet-friendly indoor locations when it rains.

Don’t be put out. You should make your home available to buyers as often as possible, but agents do understand that you still live in your home. If showings during dinnertime are not an option for your family, let your agent know upfront so that she can put notes on the listing. 

Good luck and enjoy the adventure!