Organize Your Bookshelves

Home Improvement

Once you finish unpacking the boxes and organizing the main rooms of your new home, you can focus on some of the more fun projects in your space. Decorating and arranging the bookshelves with your own items is a great way to personalize your new house and make it truly feel like it’s yours. Whether you have custom built-ins from the builder or IKEA bookshelves that you bought to fit your new house, we have a few helpful tips to help you arrange them and put your collections on display. Try out a few different arrangements on your bookshelves until you find the one that works best for your home. 

If you want your bookshelves to stand out, paint the back wall of the shelves a slightly different version of the color in the room. Use something on the same color strip that is one or two shades lighter or darker to make a visual impact without going overboard.

Organize your books by size. If you arrange your books from tallest to shortest or vice versa, your eye will naturally follow those lines. You can counterbalance the shorter books with a tall vase or accessory item.

Arrange your shelves by color. Before you line your shelves with books, group the books by binding color. Your bookshelves should not necessarily look like a rainbow, but try grouping all of your light colored books together and/or blue books with blue accessories. 

Stack your books. Create horizontal stacks of books to sit beside vertical stacks. Sometimes this will allow you to fit more books in the same amount of space without the shelves looking overcrowded. Once you have a good-looking stack, place a personal item on top as an accent piece. 

Use collectible items as book ends. If you have a mason jar of seashells that your family collected on Folly Beach or a conch shell from your girls’ trip to Sanibel Island, show them off! Put those shells on your shelf as a book end and make them functional beauty.

Group your collections. If you collect similar items from your travels or adventures with your children, group those collections together on your shelves. Try placing all of them on a single shelf and/or placing one or two on each shelf of a single book case to determine which works best for you.

Get rid of things that don’t fit. Even if you moved something from your old house that worked perfectly in the old spot, it might not have a place in your new house. It’s ok to let go of the things that just don’t fit into the new house. Give those items away and let someone else enjoy them.


Bonus Tip: Leave some space. As you continue to travel and make memories with your family in your new home, you’ll want somewhere to place those items in your home.


No matter how you arrange the shelves of your new home, incorporate your personality and make it your own.

Enjoy the Adventure!