Organize Your New Kitchen


When you move into a new house, a clean kitchen can make you feel at home right away. We have a few tips to help you organize your new kitchen early in your move so that you can enjoy your new home.

Unpack your kitchen boxes as soon as possible. Because the kitchen has so many cabinets, you probably have a lot of boxes for that space. While unpacking your kitchen is a big task, it is also a huge accomplishment to get all of those boxes unpacked and everything put away in your new home. Hopefully, you packed your boxes by room and labeled them with the contents to make this a pretty simple process. If so, unpack the everyday items first. You’ll want your coffee pot in the morning and some cups to go along with it.

As you unpack your kitchen boxes, think about how you want your kitchen organized and how often you use each item. Children’s cups and plates should go in a low cabinet or drawer if you want them to be able to reach them and serve themselves. Entertaining platters and dishes should go on a higher shelf than the ones you use for every meal. Do you want your plates close to the dishwasher to make unloading easier? Or do you want them on the side closest to the dining room to make table setting easier? Determine your preference and set your kitchen up to match.

Once you’ve unpacked the dishes, it’s time to find a home for your small appliances. Everyday items should obviously stay on the counter, but a pantry or other large storage cabinet is a great place for the small appliances you don’t use every day. Again, put things you use least often on a higher shelf or even in a closet or another room if you run out of space in the kitchen.

Finally, once you’ve unpacked your dishes and your appliances, you’re left with cleaning supplies. It’s smart to store your cleaning supplies in the kitchen or in a central location nearby, like a half bath or laundry room. The kitchen is an area that you’re constantly cleaning, so it’s helpful to have the supplies nearby. Plus, if all of your glass cleaner is kept in one place, you are less likely to find three bottles floating around the house next time you’re ready to move.

Once you’re done unpacking, kick your feet up and enjoy it a little. For a minute anyway. Then it’s time to unpack the next room…

Enjoy the adventure!