Outdoor Projects that Add Value to Your Home

Real Estate

The exterior of your home, like the interior, is valuable space for both your potential buyers and for you. As you evaluate projects for the outside of your home, it’s helpful to know that there is less data about the return on investment, but the empirical evidence suggests that great curb appeal helps homes to sell quicker and for a higher percentage of the asking price than homes with lackluster or non-existent curb appeal.


Outdoor projects for your home can include:


Plant new bushes or hedges to provide dimension and visual appeal

Plant flowers to provide fragrance and color

Lay mulch to provide a ‘finished’ look for your existing landscaping

Trim bushes and trees

Repair or replace any wood or stone materials that are broken and/or look worn



Mow the lawn toward the end of the week when showings are likely

Seed if needed to fill in bare patches

Water if needed


Home Exterior

Power wash your home

Paint and/or replace any siding that looks worn and/or chipped

Paint and/or replace any trim that looks worn and/or chipped

Repair brickwork if needed



Power wash your porch

Replace rails that are loose or need to be repaired

Add potted plants to provide color - you can take them with you to your new home!



Power wash your patio and/or deck

Replace deck boards and rails that are loose or need to be repaired

Consider adding a patio or deck if you do not have one already


No matter which projects you decide to undertake at your home, choose the ones that you will get the most use out of as well. Don't wait until you are selling your house to enjoy your yard! Remember that the projects you do around your home should be for your enjoyment, too. Especially big projects like a new deck or patio. Enjoy the adventure!