Prepare for Showings and Open Houses


Every home "showingand open house is a chance to show off the features of your home to interested buyers. It only takes one showing to generate an offer and you have the opportunity to create an inviting experience every time a potential buyer walks through the front door to help them see themselves living there instead of any other house on the market.

We have a few tips to help you make the most of every showing and open house.

Clean it up. 

Dust and vacuum before every show. Take the time to walk through every room of your home and pick up the loose items that gather in each room. Put everyday items into a bin and place the bin on a shelf in the closet if needed. Tuck the TV remote in a drawer and clean up the morning breakfast dishes. Your home should be spotless when potential buyers arrive for a showing or an open house.

Crisp the linens.

Make all of the beds and put out clean towels in each bathroom. Fold the throw blankets and fluff the pillows on your couch. Ensure that all of your soft surfaces are clear of any dog hair or other dirt that may collect.

Take down or put away personal items.

By the time you show your house for the first time or host an open house, your house should be clear of family photographs and most personal items. Pack away any last minute items that might remain and put your toothbrush in a drawer.

Add fresh flowers.

Flowers make a lovely addition to your home and give your house a fresh scent. Change the water before showings and make sure to replace flowers if they begin to wilt. You can use other things to give your home a clean or welcoming smell, but avoid overpowering or 'fake' smelling candles or oils.

Turn on the heat or air conditioning.

Before you show your home, adjust the thermometer. The temperature you normally keep your home might not be right for everyone, so make sure the temperature at showing time is comfortable for most people.

Open window shades and turn on lights.

Make your home as bright as possible before any showings or open houses. Your house should feel light and bright to welcome your potential buyers. Turn on the lights in the closets and other small spaces to help show potential buyers how much storage space your home offers.

Take advantage of staging!

Lewis and Kirk offer free home staging for every listing. Take advantage of this free service and leave the furniture where we place it.

Enjoy the adventure!