Prepare for Your Home Inspection


Your home inspection is an important part of the sales process for both you and the new buyer. Even if buyers choose to waive the home inspection contingency, they will typically choose to conduct a home inspection before closing on a house. Preparing for your home inspection will make the inspection go more smoothly and make you feel more confident about the process.


Before your home inspection…

Consider having a pre-inspection done before you list your house. If you have an inspection done before listing your house, you can make repairs and plan for potential issues that might come up during your buyer’s inspection. Even if you do not do a full home inspection, it’s helpful to have someone service and inspect the major systems in your house. If there are repairs that need to be made, allow plenty of time to complete them before your potential buyer schedules their own home inspection.


During your home inspection…

Make your house available to the Inspector and Realtors. Clean as you would for a showing and clear a path to any systems that the Inspector needs to look at throughout your home. You do not need to be present during the home inspection, but you may ask the buyers for a copy of the inspection report if something surprising comes up during the inspection that they would like fixed. They do not have to provide you with a copy of the inspection, but if you have already done your own, you can work with that.


After your home inspection…

Negotiate repairs with your buyer. After any home inspection, there will be some small (or potentially larger) issues that your buyer wants repaired. They might ask for you to make the repairs yourself or they might ask for money back in sales concessions for the cost of the repairs. At this stage, your Real Estate Agent will help you negotiate with your buyers to determine a fair arrangement for everyone. 


Even if your home inspection isn’t the most fun aspect of selling (or buying) your house, it’s incredibly important for everyone to know that your house is safe for you and your buyers and ready to be sold. Allow your Realtor to help you through the process and negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best outcome possible. We'd be happy to help you navigate the sale and inspection of your home.

Enjoy the Adventure!