Simple Staging - Part 1: Kitchen and Common Areas


When you prepare to sell your home, you can appeal to the largest audience by staging your home for a new buyer. Think about how the new buyer will use your home and adjust the decor to match their taste, rather than your own. For example, oversized furniture might be ideal for the way you live, but large furniture makes a room look smaller and may even discourage potential buyers. With some simple staging, you can make your house attractive to more buyers.

If you no longer have furniture in your home or need help with decluttering and design, a professional home stager can help you make your home appeal to a wider audience. Professional staging services range from $500 - $2,500 depending on your area and the size of your home, but statistics indicate that homes that are staged before listing sell faster and have a positive return on investment of up to 5%.*

Even if you are on a tight budget, you can improve the appeal of your home with simple staging. You can stage your own home with a little bit of research and some effort. In part one of this two-part article, we’ll show you some simple staging tips for your Kitchen and Common Areas.

In the Kitchen

  • Clear your countertops - Put away or pack away everything except your coffee pot, your daily use essentials and/or fresh flowers.
  • Declutter your cabinets - Pack away appliances, baking dishes, and other items that are not used frequently and create space if possible. When potential buyers open your cabinets, they should seem spacious, but not empty.
  • Wash everything - Clean out your large appliances, inside your cabinets, pantry shelves, baseboards, switch plates, socket covers, etc.
  • Eliminate odors - Deodorize your garbage disposal and anything else that might be often ignored. Do not cook potentially stinky foods before showing your home.

In Mudroom and/or Laundry

  • Wash everything - Scrub floors and walls and dust all surfaces. Clean light fixtures.
  • Eliminate odors - Clean out your washer and dryer, even if you are not leaving them for the next owner.
  • Declutter your cabinets or shelves - Pack away, throw away, and donate as much as possible. Especially if your mudroom and/or laundry room are a landing place for your miscellaneous items.
  • Add storage - Use bins or baskets to gather items that cannot be packed or thrown away.

In Common Areas

  • Wash everything - Scrub floors and walls and dust all surfaces. Clean light fixtures
  • Patch and Paint - Patch holes in the walls and touch up the paint and/or paint over colors that are taste specific. If you need to repaint, use neutral colors that make the space appear larger if possible.
  • Declutter - Pack away family photographs and other personal items. Choose a few neutral items to put out and leave some surfaces completely clear.
  • Add storage - Use bins or baskets to gather any items that cannot be packed or thrown away.