The Value of Professional Home Staging


Professional home staging helps to show off the best parts of your house to potential buyers. A good stager works with the space and furniture to highlight the features of your home that a buyer is looking for in their next home. You might even find that after staging, you’ll see a long neglected a corner of your home that could have been very useful.

Staging your home will help potential buyers envision themselves in the space. Staging professionals are experienced designers who design around the features of the home, rather than the specific tastes of the client. Half of all Buyer’s and Seller’s Agents believe that staging affects both the price of a home and the length of time it spends on the market.

The best time to have your home staged is before taking photos for your listing so your house stands apart in a potential buyer’s online search or their Realtor’s MLS searches.

You can prepare your house for staging my reducing the clutter and packing away some of your personal items. A professional stager can work with some of the furniture, artwork, and other items that you have in your house, but a staged home is different from even a professionally designed space that features your personal collections and photographs.

Professional staging starts at the front entrance to your home and touches every space. Your stager will likely give you tips about how you can make your front porch look more inviting, from a new Welcome mat to trimming the hedges. Inside, your stager will work around your to improve the overall flow of each room and make it look large and bright. She might move furniture, bring in new pieces, change lightbulbs, recommend paint colors, and add new linens.

After staging is complete, you should have a list of tips to follow before each showing. You might be instructed to wash and dry sinks, take dirty laundry out of baskets, put toilet lids down, and turn on every light. Following these tips will help your house look its best for every showing.

At Lewis & Kirk, we offer free professional home staging to every client. Our professional stagers stay on top of home trends and buyer’s wish lists. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you sell your home.

Enjoy the Adventure!