Tips to Sell Your House in the Fall


Spring is typically known to be the best time of year to sell a home, but fall can be a great time to sell your home as well. There are plenty of buyers looking to get into a new home in time for the holidays. In a market like Charlotte, where a lot of people relocate for work, there are buyers for your home year-round.

When you decide to list your home in the fall, there are a few things that you can do to help your home show better than every other home on the market.

Change your lightbulbs.

In the fall, it gets dark earlier in the day. If potential buyers are looking at your home after work, there may not be sunlight to help highlight your home. Use the brightest bulbs that your fixtures will allow and add some extra lamps if needed to help show off the best of your home.

Seal your windows and doors.

Take the time to check your weatherstripping throughout your home. If it’s a chilly day and buyers walk into a nice warm home, it will feel more inviting.

Rake your leaves.

If the leaves are falling in your yard, rake them as quickly as possible. Buyers will see leaves in your yard as a sign that you don’t necessarily do proper maintenance around your home.

Add flowers to your yard or porch.

In the fall, your trees will lose their leaves and depending on the variety you have, your grass may go dormant and brown. You can add some color and curb appeal to your yard with mums or other fall flowers in your garden beds and/or pots on your front porch. If you choose potted plants, use pots that are large enough to see from the curb or driveway, but small enough to allow potential buyers to stand on the porch and easily enter your home.

Show off your home’s seasonal appeal.

Don’t overdo it with the ghosts and spider webs, but help potential buyers see themselves entertaining in and living your home during the holidays. Set your dining room table for a feast with full china and chargers if you haven’t packed them yet. Stack firewood in the corner and turn on your fireplace during showings to show them how cozy it can be in your family room during the winter months. There is a lot of appeal to being home during the fall and the winter. Help your buyers see that appeal in your home.

Enjoy the adventure!