Welcome to Charlotte: The Neighborhoods


Whether you are new to the area or have lived in The Queen City your whole life, there are always new things to learn about Charlotte and areas to explore. 2.4M people live in the Charlotte metropolitan area and that population continues to increase at about 2% per year. The combination of a low cost of living, increasing job opportunities, and mild winters make Charlotte and the surrounding suburbs highly desirable for both newcomers and established residents.

Charlotte has many different neighborhoods throughout the city and each has a personality of its own. We highly recommend you check them out for yourself or ask your agent about the ones that might be the right fit for you, but we’ve highlighted some of the most popular neighborhoods here.

One of the most highly desirable neighborhoods of Charlotte is Myers Park, which has many older, stately homes with wide open lawns and mature trees. Myers Park is bordered by Freedom Park on the west and Queens Road on the East. The homes in Myers Park are some of the priciest in Charlotte. If you are a runner, the run through the quiet streets of Myers Park is something to enjoy.

On the other side of Freedom Park is Dilworth, another very desirable neighborhood. More bustling than Myers Park, Dilworth offers two grocery stores, plus plenty of restaurants and shops on East Blvd, which bisects the neighborhood. Dilworth is immediately southwest of Uptown Charlotte, which makes the commute one of the best in the city. Some commuters walk to work, but the Light Rail is nearby and it’s only a 6-minute drive from the parking lot a 1BAC to the Duck Donuts on East Blvd. Dilworth offers a diverse group of homes. The price per square foot is high relative to the rest of Charlotte, but there is something for everyone from small two bedroom bungalows to large 3500sf homes on Latta Park. 

Another great commuter neighborhood is Elizabeth, just to the southeast of Uptown. The trolley runs from 5th and Hawthorne, in front of Presby hospital. Elizabeth is a smaller neighborhood, but just as walkable as Dilworth with convenient shopping and dining options. The prices in Elizabeth are slightly lower than either Myers Park or Dilworth. Elizabeth has many bungalow homes on slightly smaller lots with a few larger homes and duplexes as well.

Just north of Elizabeth and connected by way of Hawthorne is Plaza Midwood. Plaza Midwood is a very popular neighborhood with young professionals. While it does not offer public transportation options, it is extremely convenient to the city by car. Many people who live in Plaza Midwood love it and say they will never move. The home styles are similar to those in Elizabeth and priced slightly lower.

North of Plaza Midwood, you’ll find NoDa. NoDa is short for "North Davidson" and is one of the most spirited and eclectic neighborhoods in Charlotte. For a long time, NoDa has been in transition. The home prices are low relative to the rest of the city, which makes it attractive to young professionals. There are plenty of shopping and dining options available in NoDa, including the original Amelie’s 24-hour bakery and some of the most popular breweries in Charlotte. Homes for sale in NoDa (28205, 28206).

South of Park Road Park, but inside the 485 Loop, you’ll find Quail Hollow. Quail Hollow is a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood with the Golf Club of the same name. Here you’re likely to find people walking and kids riding their bikes. It’s a more suburban feel than some of the other parts of Charlotte, with an older Country Club feel. The prices are a little more reasonable than some of the neighborhoods closer to Uptown, but be prepared to pay a premium if you want to live along the course.

If Quail Hollow is Old Country Club, Ballantyne is New Country Club. There are plenty of new developments in Ballantyne and homes that were built within the last 10 years or so. Ballantyne is outside the 485 Loop, so it’s not a great commute to Uptown, but it is a great option for those who work at Met Life or one of the other companies located in Ballantyne. Ballantyne is very family-friendly and the schools down are some of the best and most desirable in Mecklenburg County. Partly because so many of the homes in this area are new, Ballantyne everything from multi-family to multi-million dollar properties. It’s a large neighborhood with a lot of options.

No matter which neighborhood you choose, Lewis & Kirk Real Estate can help you find something that fits in Charlotte.

Enjoy the Adventure!

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